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Medication Information

Please read the information linked below. It contains important warnings from the FDA in relation to medications you may be prescribed. If you have any questions, please speak to your provider or other licensed healthcare professional.

Please note: Most medications prescribed via NeuShape Weight Loss are compounded medications. While compounded medications are made exclusively in licensed pharmacies, their efficacy and safety profile cannot be directly compared to commercial drugs. Talk to your provider about the specific risks and benefits that may come with the use of a compounded medication. The following list of safety data is provided solely for convenience and should not be relied upon in relation to the safety and efficacy profile of any compounded medications.

Medical Weight Management Medications

Semaglutide (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Wegovy®)

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Tirzepatide (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Mounjaro®)

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Liraglutide (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in Saxenda®)

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